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25th July 2014


Freeway & the Jacka - “Cherry Pie” ft Freddie Gibbs & Jynx

Tagged: FreewayThe Jackafreddie gibbsJynxraphip-hop

24th July 2014


Cormega - “Industry”

Tagged: Cormegaraphip-hop

22nd July 2014


Naturally Born Strangers - “No One Knows My Struggle”

Tagged: Naturally Born Strangersraphip-hop

7th July 2014

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Le$ - “Ace” (prod. Cookin’ Soul)

Tagged: Le$cookin soulraphip-hopjetlife

7th July 2014

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Souls of Mischief - “There is Only Now” ft. Snoop Dogg

Tagged: Souls of MischiefSnoop Dogghip-hoprapWest Coast

10th June 2014


Tasha the Amazon - “Cry of the Warrior”

Tagged: Tasha the Amazonraphip-hop

9th June 2014

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Little Simz - “Bars Simzson”

Tagged: Little Simzraphip-hop

3rd June 2014


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - “Deeper”

Tagged: freddie gibbsMadlibraphip-hop

3rd June 2014


Jimmy Johnson - Northside

Tagged: Jimmy Johnsonraphip-hop

30th May 2014

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AG Da Coroner - “Welcome to My World”

Tagged: AG Da Coronerraphip-hop